Ways to Entertain in New Delhi

November 18, 2016

Though always known as the historical city, New Delhi has come over and transformed its image. For the last few years, New Delhi has been an exciting place with a variety of options to entertain, besides visiting monuments and buildings. Whatever time of year you visit New Delhi, you can best utilize your leisure time with so many happenings going throughout the year.Destinations to hang out with friends
The vibrant city of Delhi has a cosmopolitan culture that embraces itself to every aspect of life. If you are young and look for some entertainment places where you can hang out and spend a cool evening with your friends, then there are endless options like cinema halls, pubs, hotels and other recreational centers. With the openings of the chain of world-class cinema halls, called PVRs New Delhi has a good hanging point for many youths of the city. However, PVR Saket is the most happening and most-visited by New Delhi youth.

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Refreshment joints like Haldiram’s, McDonald’s and Barista, where you may like to visit with friends for meeting over a meal or a cup of coffee, also make good places of entertainment. Then you can always look forward to visit different amusement parks in New Delhi to release your tension.Spending an evening at a concert
Music is a way to reach god and it is the best way to relax for many people. There are many auditoriums in Delhi that host variety of cultural and recreational concerts throughout the year. Thus spending an evening, listening to a good musical concert is another good way of entertainment in New Delhi.Be a part of mall culture
Last decade has seen development of different extravagant malls and shopping complexes in Delhi. Apart from shopping and dining under the ambience of one roof, they make an excellent way to entertain. Not all people coming to malls get indulged in shopping; many of them can be seen just wandering in malls for no reason at all! Many malls have developed an area especially for kids, so they are the ones who have a blast on these places.Night life in Delhi
From being the city which once had no night life at all, today New Delhi has come up with a night life of its own where you can party, shop or can just roam around freely, without any hassles and concerns. There are pubs, bars, restaurants and night clubs in the city with world class ambience and offering quality service. These places are good to spend your free time with your loved and dear ones.

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New Delhi is a city that offers so much to see and do. You have to visit the city once and explore yourself what interests you the best. From the decades-old monuments to the most modern metro-ride; from a variety of museums to sprawling green parks, there are endless options to entertain. Since Delhi is a city with extremes climates, it is better to visit it during spring or mild winters.

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