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November 18, 2016

Once we get started in business, whether we want them to or not, new product ideas begin to come to us from literally ‘out of the blue’. That’s OK, it’s a part of the way that our inner “creative mind” works and a reflection of our own personal growth as our conscious mind learns more and more about our chosen task and business arena.However, while there seems to be a plethora or information available online telling us how to develop our products, there’s a distinct lack of information showing people how to develop their ideas! And that’s what this article will explore.First up, I have to assume that you make a recorded note of all product ideas that come to mind, or at least have them noted down on some kind of card system – because that’s step one.In order to get the most out of the ideas you have, you must take them out of your head and get them either on paper or in audio format. Personally I prefer audio and carry with me a small recording device for making notes. When I have an idea come to mind I’ll let it play around in my mind for no more than 5 minutes and then record those notes in audio.

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When you do this, record everything *without* edit – just say it as it comes to mind. Talk about the product itself, any marketing ideas that you might have, any possible joint venture partners or promotions, affiliate opportunities – EVERYTHING! In a sense you’re having a ‘brainstorming’ session with yourself. No matter what happens here, no matter how crazy the ideas may be, step one is to get them out of your head and “down on paper” so to speak.Step Two is to walk away from them. Huh? Yep, walk away. Leave them alone, at least for a few days.Now, during this period of time you may have additional ideas that are related, and that’s fine; record them along with the others (this is the main reason that I prefer to ‘record’ rather than write; all my ideas are placed in chronological order for easy review later).Which brings us to step three – review your ideas. When you choose to do this is up to you; personally I prefer to do it with a cup of coffee at some time towards the end of the month, when things are winding down. All you need do is sit back with your note-pad and make notes of the (what still seem like good ideas) as you listen to them. Keep in mind that not all your ideas are still going to seem like good ideas some time later – and that’s OK, that’s the way it is.Once all this is done, if you’ve got the time to begin working on them now, then go for it – do your due diligence in research and development to determine if the ideas are viable. Consult with others if you need to, run surveys, scan the search engines – whatever. Do what you have to. The most important thing there is to make sure that your ideas are profitable. That however is the topic for another article.

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But way before that, you need to refine the mess of your ideas into plausible concepts that are ready for development. And that’s what this 3-step process will do for you.Finally, a few things to remember: (1) Not all your ideas (no matter how good they seemed at first) will seem just as good later on. That’s OK. However, don’t totally neglect them until you’ve done some RnD to test them; (2) By the same token on the other hand, some of your ideas that feel simply fantastic may not measure up to solid RnD and should be dumped afterwards – just because you think it’s a good idea doesn’t mean everyone else will; and finally (3) While you may not have time to implement every idea every month, never throw out your original recordings… they could become a product in their own right some time in the future when you’re successful and people want to know how you got started out.Go for it!

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