Unique and Collectible Animal Bookends

November 18, 2016

Throughout human history, many cultures have held animals in high regard. Horses, dogs, cats, owls and eagles are thought to hold a special place in astrology, religion and other aspects of cultural importance. So it should come as no surprise that collectible and decorative animal bookends are more than just interior design fixtures.Eagle and Eagle Head BookendsNo other animal is more symbolic of strength and freedom than the eagle. Graceful in flight, these magnificent birds were once on the brink of extinction. Thanks to efforts to save the great bird have paid off and they can be found in many areas of North America. The American bald eagle has been the national symbol of the United States almost since its inception. The eagle is a favorite among collectors of Americana.Eagle bookends are represented in many forms, from the pure art of the species to symbols of patriotism and national pride. The American bald eagle is often depicted as the bearer of the shield and arrows on many of Americas national emblems.

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Dog BookendsDogs have long been considered to be companions to humans and so much more. Many breeds of dogs are capable of doing very specific jobs that serve to make our lives easier and safer. Loyal, intelligent and loving, dogs are revered as the most popular of all domesticated animals. Whether a pedigreed purebred or a lovable mutt, these four legged friends have become an important part of our lives.Dogs have long been the subject of art and mythology. Followers of the zodiac and astrology know the significance of canine signs. The Chinese zodiac honors the dog as loyal, honest and intelligent. Dog fanciers often collect objects that reflect their favorite breeds and dog bookends are a popular piece of canine collectibles.Cat BookendsCats have been revered as almost godlike many cultures, especially in ancient Egypt and other parts of the Middle East. In ancient Egypt, cats would often be embalmed and mummified in much the same way as royalty. Cats were thought to be the living embodiment of certain ancient gods or reincarnated humans.In western cultures, we love our cats and find many excuses to demonstrate our devotion to these unique animals. Often seen as aloof and independent, cats lovers none the less express their admiration for their feline friends by collecting all things feline. Many styles and designs of collectible cat bookends are available, from the artistic to the comical.Horse BookendsHorses are yet another symbol or strength and independence that are popular among collectors of unique bookends. Horses have been companions and helpmates to humans for many centuries and have excited us with their speed and endurance. As with other symbols of the Chinese zodiac, humans born under the sign of the horse are thought to possess many admirable qualities. Social and comfortable in large groups is certainly a trait that applies to horses. Horses are herd animals and enjoy each others company.

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Horse and horse head bookends are among the collectible items that are sought after by horse lovers and collectors alike.Mythical AnimalsDragons have captured the human imagination for thousands of years. Creatures of mythology, dragons are none the less an important symbol of ferocity and even benevolence. In certain cultures, dragons are thought to be keepers of secrets and guardians of great treasures. In childrens books, dragons are often portrayed as friendly and even charming beasts. Dragon and dragon head bookends are among just a few of the collectible symbols of these great mythical creatures.Unique and collectible animal bookends are a great gift idea and would certainly be appreciated by the animal lover in all of us.

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