Outsourcing Is The Key To Intelligent Business And Effective Cost Cutting!

November 18, 2016

How Offshore Outsourcing Model WorksThe model we suggest is very simple. You simply pass on the requirements of your client to us and we send you our quote (say Euro 600). You are free to charge whatever you want from your client (say Euro 2000). When the deal is through, you send us the details and we complete the project for you. The process we follow during the development keeps you fully involved and informed of daily progress. Finally, you earn huge profits without having to employ a big team and without facing operational hassles.In case you are concerned about privacy issues, we would like to convey that we totally respect it and you don’t really need to disclose the name or contact of the client to us ever.Once our relationship gets rolling, we make profits through the sheer volume of regular projects you pass on to us and you make profits by simply bringing in new work, leaving the delivery to us.Wake Up! Numerous companies like yours are already making better and faster money by adopting the offshore outsourcing model being our strategic partners.

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Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing1. Varying Time-Zones – Harness the advantages of differences in the time zones, after all India is GMT + 05:30!2. Enhance Quality Standards – Outsource your requirements to us and utilize our technical expertise and extensive domain knowledge.3. Cut Costs Your costs actually dip by approximately 40% when you outsource your software development requirements as compared to getting them done within domestic boundaries4. Increase Profitability Outsourcing web development requirements is a tried and tested model which works towards ensuring higher margins for you in the form of lower costs5. Technical Proficiency Be smart and take advantage of the capable intellectual capital available in India6. Operational Adaptability by quickly adapting to changes in client requirements7. Global Exposure by establishing alliances with leading offshore interactive media experts like Magnon, you can take your business to remote markets8. Total Focus on Core Business By outsourcing non-core business activities such as website design and web development, web hosting, content management system development, e-commerce website development, shopping cart development, payment gateway integration etc, you can completely focus on your core competenciesWhy Outsource to India?1. More than 10 years of Experience in Software Offshore Outsourcing legitimizes why India is professed to be the best in this business!2. Robust Education System Equal emphasis on topics like English, Mathematics, Science just goes on to enhance our viability and technical base3. Availability of Huge Human Resource 2008 will witness the surge of more than 15 million people in the IT Industry4. Maximum Cost Advantage Research has shown that the US economy has made profits of US $.14 for every US $ 1 invested through outsourcing5. Favorable Government Policies GOI is taking leaps towards promoting Offshore Outsourcing to India by offering various tax benefits and sops for IT and ITES industry

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6. High Security Measures by introducing IT Act, 2000 which legalizes policies related to data security and data crime, you can completely trust our professionalism7. Low Labour Costs
8. Appreciation for software development disciplinesFacts1. More than 80% of US companies preferred India as their first choice for offshore outsourcing2. India boasts of a stable democratic government that has been in existence for over 50 years and is amongst the top 10 fastest growing economies in the world3. India has been involved in software export to close to a 100 countries worldwide including United States of America (US), United Kingdom(UK), Australia, Canada, Middle East, Russia, Europe etc4. Indian-Americans are responsible for running more than 750 organisations in Silicon Valley, United States of America’s (USA)

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