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November 18, 2016

Owning and operating a home based business and creating a legacy for your family to enjoy for generations; this is a major part of the American dream isn’t it?The popular figure quoted is, 125,000 people starting a new Home Based Business every week.That’s every week folks, not every year or every month… every week!There are hundreds of thousands of Network Marketing companies in existence and while many of them are outright Scams and Pyramid Schemes there are also legitimate corporations who use the network marketing business model to distribute their goods and services, and have been doing so successfully for many years.There are well known companies specializing in the Legal, Medical and Communication industries as well as Health and Wellness or Fuel and Energy that offer time tested, patented products that are very effective.So, why is it that more people aren’t successful at owning and operating their own home based business and enjoying their slice of the American Pie?Why is it that the average person who starts a home based network marketing business fails within their first 3-6 months?As we delve into this topic we must first understand a fundamental truth in Network Marketing which is, most people fail simply because most people quit!The people who choose to stay with their Network Marketing Company and follow the success system laid out by those who have gone before them almost always succeed!

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So, the real question being discussed and answered here today is why do most people in their first 3-6 months quit trying to own and operate a home based business?What’s so discouraging about this industry that the average person gives up shortly after starting?Well, here’s what I’ve discovered about owning and operating your own home based business.The average person who begins a home based business with a Network Marketing company is someone who is fed up with their job and simply wants to escape the 9-5 grind. They can’t take what they’ve been getting and they want out!But here’s what nobody told them.When you start a full-time Home Based Business you have two distinctly separate jobs, you’re the Boss and you’re the Employee and if you’re starting it part-time, then you have three distinctly separate jobs!You’re still an employee at your 9-5, that’s one, then you’re an employee at your new home business, that’s two and you’re also your own boss at your new home business, that’s three!Whenever you start a home based business YOU are your own Boss and YOU are your own Employee – that’s two extra jobs!The reason most people fail at owning and operating their own home based business is because they lacked the skills, characteristics and qualifications necessary to succeed at one job but now they have three!Of course they’re going to fail!If they couldn’t handle one job successfully, how in the world are they going to handle three?Nobody explained to them that it’s going to get much worse before it gets any easier.Before that wonderful network marketing business opportunity starts paying you tons and tons of money as if on auto-pilot it’s just another J.O.B. that you have to clock in and perform at consistently, day after day.It’s a job where you determine the kind of boss you’re working for.You can work for a boss who lets you off easy every time, who doesn’t care what time you show up for work and doesn’t really correct your bad habits and is very agreeable with everything you do.But if you have a boss like that then your performance will be shoddy, your income will be non-existent, and if you’re not making any money, eventually you will quit!But remember, the choice is yours!In network marketing your income is precisely commensurate with your performance… both as the Boss and as the Employee!If you choose to have a boss who will not let you off the hook whenever you feel tired, or when you feel frustrated with the lack of immediate results, but rather pushes you beyond your perceived limits and encourages you to find new ways to achieve more with the resources you have, then you just might find yourself generating that income you promised yourself and enjoying your slice of the American Pie.

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A very good principle to remember in owning and operating your own home based network marketing business is this.To become successful at Network Marketing you need to recruit people who are already successful at what they do, people who have the necessary skills, characteristics and qualifications to succeed at their chosen profession or occupation.This is a very good indicator that they also have the necessary skills, characteristics and qualifications to own and operate their own home based business successfully.And even more important than this, YOU need to become that person yourself because another network marketing truth is… like attracts like!You attract people to your business opportunity who are… just like you!So, to attract a higher quality prospect YOU have to become a better quality leader.As the well-known Network Marketing adage goes, ‘If you’ll be the toughest boss you ever had, you’ll be the wealthiest employee you ever had!

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