Finding Your Niche In The Affiliate Program Maze

November 18, 2016

Every person who comes to the internet with the idea of making money soon discovers that their choices are almost limitless. Indeed, the very first step is to make the choice between starting one’s own website or locating the perfect affiliate program to join.Finding an affiliate program is easy; finding the right affiliate program is much more difficult.To get yourself on the right track, make a list – or business plan if you will – and be sure to ask yourself the most obvious question, “What am I going to sell?”Here are some factors to consider when deciding the answer to that question:Should I choose a physical or digital product?If you choose to get into the “shipping business” (and there are affiliate programs out there with real physical products), one factor to consider is who covers the costs? Traditionally, the affiliate program owner takes the full brunt of all costs. You, in return, receive a commission for sending a customer to that program (or physical products website).

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No fuss, no muss.However, a majority of the affiliate programs deal with intangibles, so called because the product is received over the internet in a “virtual” form. Digital ebooks, videos, training materials, and more are offered through various affiliate programs online.This choice, too, offers very little hands on – your job will be to find others to tell about the program and get them to your affiliate program website.Which leads us to…How hard do I want to work?Investigative research is critical to successfully choosing the proper program online from which to make money. Choosing a physical product in high demand but with little competition means more commission checks in your bank account. Picking an intangible affiliate program with high demand but smaller competition (known as a “niche”) may mean the difference to successfully making money online… or not. Choose a program with too many variables, too much competition, and the going is going to be rough. Research is critical.Will funding (your own) be an issue?Regardless of the type of affiliate program (physical or intangible), you will need to factor in the cost of doing business online. Word of mouth, or viral marketing, will only get you so far. Some affiliate programs have a group buying power – more or less – and help you offset your advertising costs. Other affiliate programs require you to have the funds on hand to spread the word about your chosen venture. Be sure to add in advertising and marketing costs on top of any fees it may cost you to join your chosen affiliate program.

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More about your competitionIf you have a special interest in some product add the words “niche marketing” to your vocabulary. Also note that you are headed in the right direction. Find a niche. Niche affiliate programs mean you will be searching out spots where very specific groups of individuals hang – in order to tell them about your chosen online business.Instead of trying to persuade (and reach) millions, choosing a niche-type approach means locating individuals already looking for what you have found – then just telling them about it.In theory, making money online sounds easy. Do not be misled, it is a business like any other business and requires planning. But, if you have the wherewithal and desire to truly make money online, choosing the best affiliate program is an ideal first option.

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