Website Flipping No No – Deleting Auction Listing Comments

November 18, 2016

If there’s anything that you wouldn’t want to do when selling a website, it’s deleting a comment in your auction listing. I’ve known some sellers who are quite clueless about how such an action could affect them and to make a long story short, the results have been less-than-pleasant, to say the least.But before we delve any further on that though, let me give a quick background for the benefit of those readers who may be new to the website flipping business in general.First, Flippa.com is an online marketplace, currently the largest and most active, where web entrepreneurs can buy and sell domains and websites. Website sellers are allowed to list their sites for sale on Flippa for a fee, and once the auction is started, interested buyers can put in a bid. Flippa also allows potential buyers to leave questions and/or comments addressed to the seller on the auction page itself.

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And talking of comments, let’s now go back to the particular subject on hand. And here I reiterate my earlier advice: NEVER delete auction listing comments. Even the most infuriating ones that tempt you to leave a scathing response in retaliation should be treated with maximum tolerance. At the end of the day, you would at least have the satisfaction of knowing that by turning the proverbial cheek, you were the true gentleman.So now you may ask, “Just how should you deal with nasty comments and those who leave them?”Well first of all, keep your calm. Take a deep breath and remember that nothing positive can be gained from getting into a heated debate with a particularly disagreeable person for all potential buyers to “see.”Then, write a polite reply to his comment, making sure to tackle each of the issues raised and not dwell on the negative parts. Here are some possible comment-reply scenarios that you can take notes from:Comment from Steve: You have a decent site but nothing really out of the ordinary. So what would make this a better buy than ThisOtherSite.com?Possible Response: Thanks for checking out my listing, Steve. As for your question, I’m really in no position to comment on the other site you are referring to. I can however, vouch for this website and what it can offer the buyer. If you have any more questions about this site, please PM me or post them here and I’d be more than happy to answer them.

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Comment from Julie: The SEO services you offer are way overpriced. No way would you get anyone to take your services at those prices, so the site couldn’t actually be earning as much as you declare.Possible Response: Julie, thanks for dropping by. You may think that the fees we charge are high but business is good and clients are happy because they’re actually getting a bargain with our guaranteed results. Of course, if you are able to get hold of this site, you’d be able to adjust prices to a level you think is more “reasonable.” Don’t hesitate to PM me for any more concerns or inquiries you may have.Fire doesn’t always have to be fought with fire. When flipping websites, it’s best to just stay cool and show others that you can be professional even when they can’t.

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