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November 18, 2016

Cheap family activities don’t have to be hard to find. When even a night out at the movies puts a serious dent in the family budget, now more than ever, it’s important to find fun family outings that are frugal too.Here are some ideas for fun and cheap family outings.Head OutdoorsMother nature offers a wealth of free and cheap activities for your family. You can always try the old standby of camping – you don’t even need to travel. Consider pitching a tent in the backyard, building a fire and roasting marshmallows. And don’t forget all of the parks in your area – consider a hike and picnic lunch, followed by a swim in a local lake or stream. Almost all areas have a few hikeable parks close by that will still transport you and the family away from the hustle and bustle of daily like

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Get CultureKids love the big budget action and family movies. But with the average price of a ticket close to $10 these days, taking the whole family can really empty the pocket book. See if your area has a drive-in theater – it’s great summertime fun and the admission usually covers a carload of people – plus you can bring your snacks. Some movie theatres offer half price admission on older releases or a family and kid day with discounts. Scout your local theatres and call and ask about any specials.Another great family fun activity is free outdoor concerts. Most towns and cities offer a summer concert series in a local park. You can bring chairs, a blanket and your own snacks and have a wonderful family outing under the stars – for a fraction of the price of a real concert. Plus you’ll be expanding your family’s musical tastes.Other Great Idea for Cheap Family OutingsHere are some other great inexpensive ideas for fun family activities:- Visit a petting zoo or farm. These are easy to find and especially great for younger kids. For just a few dollars you can feed the animals and perhaps even use the grounds for a picnic.- Putt-putt golf – playing a round of miniature golf and springing for some ice cream is a lot cheaper and more interactive than going to a movie. You can even up the stakes by turning into a fun, family competition – boys against the girls, or kids vs. parents.

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- Check out the local college or university – very often the local college, even the community one, will have a theatre, complete with a full season of interesting shows – including ones geared to kids. You might also be able to catch great music or a comedy show as well. Season passes may also be available making frequent family outings more reasonable.Finding fun family activities doesn’t require an expensive trip to an amusement park. With a little bit of creativity, you can discover loads of cheap family activities right in your backyard.

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