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November 18, 2016

Why are so many digital marketing agencies and consultancies opening up? What do these actually do? The reason that so many digital marketing agencies and consultancies are opening up is due to the immense popularity of digital marketing these days. What exactly it is? You have probably seen many examples in your daily routine. Television ads, radio casting about specific products and banner ads on the internet. The last is the most famous these days due to the fact of almost everyone using the internet. From kids playing games, to people shopping online to financial transactions being conducted, internet is what everyone resorts to these days. Hence, why should advertising also take place on the internet?

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Now, for a more formal definition, so we know exactly what the agencies and companies do. It is the use of digital or electronic means to advertise your company’s product. Hence, we can conclude that the digital marketing agencies and consultancies actually provide advice on digital marketing schemes and help out with planning the most effective strategy for your company. As each business is unique so is its marketing strategy. You need to use a strategy which is only for you and which benefits your company the most. Why copy some else’s work when it won’t prove to be beneficial for you.The recently held LeadsCon NYC shed some much needed light on why online marketers are losing out on revenue and efficiency. It was pointed out that many among lead-gen marketers make the common mistake of using a simple cost per lead metric for internal as well as interactions with dealer efforts.Refining lead searches is very important, as all leads have different profitability and value profiles. To do this, we can narrow down variables to get precise data on lead trends:The time of the day, day of a week and the geographical location of the lead can play major roles in determining its true value. Apart from this, the search engine employed in the search (Google, Yahoo! Etc) also play an important part in determining the quality and reliability of a lead.

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The method of advertising and hence obtaining a lead means contextual leads are different in value than from search leads, this should also be observed while valuing leads. Demographics, consumer age gender and other specifics etc obtained from any analytical tool and search engine also sheds light on how much value the lead holds. The mobile web and the conventional desktop are now divided into two separate platforms for advertising; leads obtained from each should hence be judged differently.A good way to start evaluating how these factors influence lead quality is to feed them directly into your business’s CRM. After 6 months of collecting data, it will be evident which factors are of concern to you.

Getting Paid to Drive Your Own Car

November 18, 2016

Especially with the price of oil and therefore gas at the pumps, seeming to have an infinite ceiling, anything that might reduce our cost of motoring must surely be welcome. Right?

Well, the honest answer is a cautious “maybe”, even if the first, reactive answer was a resounding YES!

The ultimate in cost reduction wouldn’t be the title of this brief article; it’s actually getting to drive a free car! Are you already asking How? If you live in the US, Canada and the UK particularly, it’s not too hard to find companies that are willing to pay to qualified applicants. Even France and Spain also have a number, and it’s growing too in Australia.

Why do they pay? Simple. They pay you to carry advertisements on your car, or the free one they give you. I should state at this point that the actual chances of qualifying to be given a free car covered in an advert are pretty slim. You’d need to live in a major city, with a spotlessly clean driving record, drive at least 25,000 miles a year, preferably double that, and be prepared to park your somewhere at night where it is still going to be secure, but widely seen. You must wash it at least weekly, have it maintained to the manufacturer’s specs and avoid accidents at all costs! Actually the maintenance is usually paid by the sponsor and all you have to pay is the gas, insurance and road tax. In some countries you may have to pay an advertising license too, although the sponsors will usually pay for this.

Far more people will qualify for schemes which pay you to drive your own car, also of course, carrying an advert. With most schemes, you don’t get to choose which ad can now adorn your car, but you can refuse one which you don’t like. However, doing that will put you back in the queue again, for these are very popular schemes.

You might carry ads by some very well known names, such as:

* Yahoo!

* Sony

* Toshiba




* Tic-Tac mints and so on

* Smaller local companies also take advantage of this form of mobile advertising.

Naturally, the more your car is wrapped in the ad, even almost 100% (except the windscreen and most of the rest of the windows), the more you’ll be paid. Living in a major city, such as Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Paris or Madrid, will push up your pay too (New York is a no-no unfortunately, as mobile advertising is banned in NYC). Schemes vary enormously, but most have sponsors who will pay anything from around $400 per month up to as much as $3,000 or slightly more. These very high payers are few and far between, but who among us would turn down $4-500 pm as extra income?

You should be very wary, however, of spending any money, no matter how small, before you’re as satisfied as you can be as to the honesty and integrity of the web sites offering this type of deal. You should know that it is not the advertisers or even the advertising agencies themselves who offer to you directly, but third party service providers, not all of whom, sad to say, are genuine.

The best would be those where you can confirm that sponsors do exist in, or close to where you live before you sign up. Too many sites want you to pay first, and only then will they provide you with the directory of sponsors. Don’t touch these sites with a barge pole.

If this is something that interests you, and you live in a country where the schemes are available, then by all means give it a try. If you know of people who’ve already done this, speak with them and get their first hand opinions. However, if you’re ready to try the scheme, and follow some of the advice here, you should be fine.

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