Women’s Forever Wrist Watch – DW0221

November 18, 2016

Our current review article is on the Dolce and Gabbana Women’s DW0221 Forever Wristwatch, part of the Dolce and Gabbana designer watches assortment. This is currently one of the bestsellers when it comes to the world of stylish timepieces.The watch case and bracelet are resilient stainless steel and that provides this specific wrist watch a really luxurious overall look. With all the clean and tasteful lines it possesses, this allows it to double as an item of jewelry.The case and bezel offer strength as well as safeguard the face. The dial is really a minimalist simple charcoal black square without having any prints to speak of, with simple tiny, silver-toned hands. A smallish D&G logo design can be located at the 12 o’clock position.

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Normal in most of Dolce and Gabbana Wristwatches are generally scratch proof mineral crystal face window and also a reliable quartz movement mechanism. Needless to state, the same is also the case with the DW0221 Forever Watch.The wide, stainless-steel bracelet features a cut-out design of the company logo and the jewelry clasp presents additional safety. Dolce & Gabbana Women’s DW0221 Forever Timepiece is a really stylish small women’s wrist watch; case diameter is twenty five mm, and case thickness is a little bit extra than what we’re accustomed to in a ladies timepiece, and is there for additional strength, but it is even so just nine millimeters. The stainless-steel bracelet is 19 millimeters wide. That is however a quite light-weight wrist watch, with just 3.68 Oz, and it is fairly comfortable to sport this wristwatch. A thing to be aware of, though, is you are not able to adjust the length of the bracelet. If you have tiny arms, understand that it is a bracelet wrist watch, however even so it will look good on you. It might just feel a little odd your first time wearing it, for anyone who is accustomed to tight wrist watches.Now we will take a go through the features table:Manufacturer: D&G: Dolce & Gabbana
Part Number: DW0221
Item Shape: square
Dial window material type: Mineral
Display Type: analog
Clasp: jewelry-clasp
Case material: stainless-steel
Case diameter: 25 millimeters
Case Thickness: 9 millimeters
Band material: stainless-steel
Band length: womens-standard
Band width: 19 millimeters
Band Color: silver
Dial color: black
Frame material: stainless-steel
Bezel Function: stationary
item-weight: 3.68 Ounces
Movement: Japanese-Quartz
Water-resistant depth: 99 Feet

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We think that this value is quite well suited for this specific wrist watch as it may also be viewed as a classy part of jewelry. As a result, this sophisticated wristwatch might go with any item in your wardrobe, and there is also no age limit if you are considering getting it.

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