Build a Better High School Booster Club by Conducting an Annual Advertising Sponsorship Appeal

November 18, 2016

If you want to build a better boosters club, raise more money and boost your high schools arts or athletic activity’s success, consider conducting or expanding your current annual advertising sponsorship appeal by asking local businesses and other organizations to sponsor not only program ads, but also other activities, events and even your performance venues.Organizing and conducting an annual advertising sponsorship appeal can be done in seven simple steps:

Research potential supporters. Review your local telephone directory’s yellow pages for a list of local businesses and/or go to your local area’s Chamber of Commerce and request a list of all local businesses. Build these into a solid database (designed for non-profit and booster club use), and make sure to update this list each year.
Identify and price various advertising sponsorship opportunities. Identify various opportunities for sponsorship. Consider offering people the annual naming and sponsorship rights to your performance venue and venues within your venue, such as entrances and concession areas. Offer people the opportunity to sponsor game or performance-day activities and events, giveaways and contests. Offer venue signage as an option as well as program advertisements, and make sure to price these opportunities at fair, yet challenging, prices.
Develop a media kit.Next, develop a media kit or packet folder with an introductory letter, your annual game or performance schedule, a list or brochure of advertising and sponsorship opportunities, a list of current or previous sponsors, a list of sponsor testimonials and a sponsorship commitment form.
Form an advertising committee. Recruit a group of people to serve on your advertising committee who will drive and monitor the appeal, and reach out in person and by phone to potential sponsors. I suggest that the committee consist of co-chairs, one upper-class person’s parent and one lower-class person’s parent who should each be tasked with recruiting two class captains so that there is a captain for each (freshman through senior) class. In turn, these people should each recruit up to five team members, which should provide you with a total of 25 people on the committee. Structuring your advertising sponsorship committee in this way will also help assure its continuity.
Send an initial sponsorship invitation letter. At the start of your annual appeal, send out a letter to past and prospective sponsors, thanking them for their past support and/or inviting them to sponsor your activity again in the current year.
Follow-up in person, by phone and mail. Next, follow this invitation letter up with a personal call by one of your advertising sponsorship committee members. Let your committee members personally select those they wish to follow-up with, and encourage them to call on people and businesses they patronize or know. For those you cannot contact in person, follow-up by phone. As a last resort, follow-up by mail after personal approaches are exhausted.
Repeat every year. Repeat this entire process every year and watch your advertising sponsorship revenue grow!

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An annual advertising sponsorship appeal is a far more efficient and effective way to raise funds versus other traditional booster club fundraisers with nearly 100% of the funds raised going directly into your particular arts or athletics program at your school.

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