Social Media Basics for Human Resources

November 18, 2016

There’s a lot of talk these days about social media and how organizations need to be involved.On the HR side, there are many facets. Obviously there are many topics – legal issues and employee usage considerations, among others.This post talks more to employer branding and recruiting through social media.Corporate Brand PresenceDoes your company currently have social media accounts set up in other functions like marketing?If so, you should work together and create an online recruiting brand strategy that includes the corporate web site, blog (if you have one) and social accounts.The voice from the company needs to be consistent across all messaging – through marketing, customer service, HR, legal, IT, etc.What Social Networks Are Relevant?What industry are you in and where do your potential employees “live” online? Research shows that LinkedIn is still recommended the most due to the business focus of the site.What about Twitter and Facebook? Are there industry forums or message boards where people go to share information with their peers? Ask your employees – especially new ones.

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Corporate Web Site As Central HubYour corporate web site should be the central hub of all of your online efforts. All of your online activities should point back to your site, whether it is to a blog post, landing page or specific page within the site (like careers).As you add social accounts, be sure to include them on your home page. Make it easy for contacts to find you in every way possible.Do You Have a Blog?If you have a blog, then you should also have a link to it on your home page. Your blog gives you content in which to communicate through social accounts to drive traffic back to the web site. It also keeps the web site fresh and relevant for search engines and makes your organization stand out by showing up in industry keyword searches.Social Media HandlesClaim your company identity on social networks if you have not already done so. Namechk allows you to check for brand user name identity at multiple social networking and bookmarking sites.LinkedIn Company Page and Talent PipelineFor starters, your organization should have a LinkedIn company page with employees listed as well as the products/services offering.You can post company status updates and list job openings at your company. Here is a great roundup of tips for recruiting on LinkedIn.Talent Pipeline was also recently announced for recruiters on LinkedIn.Twitter – Listen, Monitor, EngageTwitter is a great micro-blogging tool to communicate to customers, prospective employees, fellow human resources professionals and more.Go to Twitter Search, Kurrently or Social Mention and search your company name, industry keywords, competitors and find out what people are talking about.Setting up a Twitter account is easy – finding and following relevant industry folks is the harder part. Check Twitter directories like Twellow to find people in specific industries or with specific interests.

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See if there is an industry chat by searching Hashtags.org or this community chat list and be sure to listen in and/or participate during the chat. Not sure about a Hashtag? Read more here.Facebook for Recruiting?Recruiting applications are popping up to help corporate recruiters reach prospective employees on Facebook, where they hang out with their friends. Social recruiting is a growing strategy for employers, especially ones are hiring college graduates and young professionals.Apps like Jobvite, Monster’s BeKnown and BranchOut are offering ways to connect job seekers and recruiters through Facebook.Social as Part of Overall StrategySocial media should be used as an extension of your current recruiting (and marketing) strategy. It is simply another channel in which to engage with your prospective employees, current employees and business customers.Incorporating social into an overall HR strategy will ensure that your corporate brand communicates one distinct voice both on and offline.

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