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November 18, 2016

There are many ways to get free traffic to your website. I have tried most of them, and was disappointed with the results that I had. I have found only two guaranteed methods that have brought traffic to my website, and best of all they are “Free”!I can honestly tell you that if you follow these two steps that I am going to tell you about, you will start to receive traffic to your website. I guarantee it!First of all, most of your traffic is going to come from Search Engines and Directories. (Mostly Google and Yahoo) The most important and by far the best way to get your website listed in Search Engines, is adding quality and relevant links to your website. This method is known as reciprocal links.So how do you get reciprocal links? The easiest way is to do a search using your favorite search engine[Google is best to start with) For example, let's say your website is about a home based business, and your key words for your site are "work from home", then what you want to do is go to http://www.google.com and type "work from home", "add your link", "work from home" or "link exchange". There will be many pages that come up in your search of websites that are willing to exchange links with you. When visiting these websites you will need to look for information on how to exchange links with these sites. Make sure before you request a link exchange, you place their link on your site first.

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Why are reciprocal links important? Because link popularity is the method most Search Engines use in determining how high a website is ranked and what position it will be placed in.The most well known Search Engines that use link popularity is Google. Others that use this method as well are: Altavista, Excite and Hotbot.It will take a lot of time and work in the beginning to get links added to your website, but it will be well worth it in the end. As you gain more links to your site, the Search Engines spider your web pages looking for other sites linking to yours.The more sites these spiders find linking to your site the more popularity ranking your website gets. This will give you a higher ranking position when someone searches the web.The second best way to bring free traffic to your website is writing articles. With a little work on a monthly basis, writing articles, you will be surprised by all the free traffic this will bring to your website.When I was first given the advice that I should start writing articles to add to my own website as well as other websites, I thought this was something I couldn’t do. I thought I did not know enough about anything to write an article. I soon found out that I could do this, and so can you. Anyone can write an article, because we all have knowledge of one thing or another.All you really need to write an article is a subject to write about. Choose something you know enough about to write about it. Whether it be about how to “organize a home based business”, or if you are a stay at home mom, you could write an article “tips for work at home moms”.There are endless possibilities to what you could write about.After you have written an article, you will want to write a few sentences about yourself [ this is known as a resource box). Make sure you have included your website address. To see an example of what a resource box is, look at the end of this article to see how I have done this.Webmasters are always looking to publish articles. Why? Because it will help their Search Engine rankings by providing useful content on their website. When you submit your articles to other websites, this will be benefitial to you as well. How? When you have an article published on someone's site, a portion of their visitors will visit your site.Once you have submitted enough of your articles on the Internet, your traffic will dramitically increase and so will your Search Engine ranking. Make sure you add your articles to your own website because search engines love new content to a website.

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I have found a few good sites that have tutorials on article writing. I have found them helpful to me, and you might also find them helpful for you.Webmaster Stop – Articles, Tutorials, Links, Resources …http://www.webmasterstop.com/Writing Tips, Tutorials:Website Goodies – Website Resources, Articles, Tutorials and ToolsOnce you have written an article, you will need to look for places to submit your articles. The best places to submit them are e-zines and websites. You can do a search in Google for home business submit article, e-zine directory. I have listed a few to get you started.Submit Your Home Business Article …Work Home Business …Power HomeBiz …

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