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November 18, 2016

You may agree that creatively taken photographs look more fun and interesting. This is why knowledge and skills in trick photography and special effects are considered a necessity to most photographers today, whether beginners or professionals. There are specific methods and techniques that help infuse special effects. You don’t need to rely on computer programs that are designed to alter, edit, and improve pictures.Believe it or not, the most intriguing and creative trick photography techniques are simple and are easy to perform. You don’t have to invest in highly sophisticated cameras or other photography accessories and tools. Trick photography and special effects need not be expensive. You can possibly produce amazing effects on your photographs without any hassle.The basic requirement to produce pictures with breathtaking special effects is a simple digital camera. Any type of camera will do, although a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) is recommended as it may facilitate adjustments to its settings to achieve specific special effects. A tripod can be a helpful accessory as it can help keep the camera steady when taking long exposure photographs.

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Do you intend to learn and master specific trick photography and special effects techniques? You may consider multiplicity photography, light painting, levitation effects, fireworks, and steel wool sparks. You should start refining your photography skills to learn and practice special techniques.
Here are a few other simple tricks that can produce highly creative results:Forced perspective photographyYou might have seen pictures where an optical illusion makes a person seem to be interacting with a smaller or larger object. It can be an unusual concept but there is no doubt that it is fun and interesting. For instance, you may photograph a person in a way that may look like he is leaning against a tall building.You know you don’t need to use special software to make it happen. There is a need to play with your perspective. To achieve that result, the person should be closer to your camera than the building to make it appear like the two subjects are almost of the same size.Tilt shift photographyLikewise, real life images can be altered to make them seemingly change in size. The objects in the photograph may appear like miniature toys. To do it, use selective focus using a special lens that can be tilted and shifted. Some parts of the image intentionally appear blurred, while selected sections will appear crystal clear.

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This technique may require investment in a special lens, although there are now computer applications that produce the same effects.Intricate long exposure techniqueThis technique is best used for night shots. The shutter speed of your DSLR should be set to a longer duration to achieve the desired visual effect. The trick will make static objects look clearer and brighter. At the same time, moving objects in the same frame will appear blurred or formless.This effect is among the top favorites of photographers because pictures produced appear as if time is speeding by. You may also infuse additional creative techniques if you intend to make your photographs more unique and stunning.

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