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November 18, 2016

At least 1/3 of Americans is currently uninsured. This figure is affected by the lack of access to quality healthcare. It is verified that ½ of healthcare insurance is provided through employment. With today’s society, some jobs do not even offer healthcare attributable to higher insurance costs. With the rise in job loss, healthcare access is now a hassle and lots of Americans are not capable to seek affordable medical care. As long as healthcare is a privilege in this country and not a right, the well-being of Americans will be subject to more health disparities than before. The U.S Department of Health has established Healthy People 2010 to improve the key health indicators of the country; the initiative is dedicated to perk up the principle that regardless of age, gender, race or ethnicity, income or social status every one should have access to equal and all-inclusive care across the nation.Unfortunately, according to the Wall Street journal, more than 46 million of Americans lack adequate health insurance and the numbers are greater than ever. If the first indicator of the Healthy People 2010 is to improve access to healthcare, why is it that most Americans still cannot access care? Insurance prices are gradually going up; Medicaid and Medicare system is becoming more of a shaggy dog story than insurance. Older people are finding themselves without insurance; little is being done to facilitate access to health insurance for the elderly. Older people are left behind and forced to get supplemental insurance and sometimes a secondary insurance to cover for health care services. The elderly are turned down for health insurance by the government and it is unacceptable that a 65 year old man or female in this country struggles to have health coverage.

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Older people’s applications for health insurance are cast off; it should be universal for the elderly to receive healthcare insurance without being subjected to hassle. What is happening to the United States Healthcare system? Where is the right for care for our elderly primarily and our children secondary? Medicaid fees are taken from our salary but when we retire, there will be no Medicaid for our generation. What will the government do to change this rising situation? It is a prodigy to see healthcare based community health systems take over, to help those in need of healthcare. These community health systems, are keen, to place people on a sliding fee scale they can afford to receive health services.I personally applaud Saint Joseph Mercy Care Services for providing care to the homeless and the poor and to offer the Atlanta community access to care on a sliding fee scale, so all can receive care. Our Government should look into our health system closely and find ways to provide care for all by creating or encouraging more community based services all around the nation.The government should minimize the cost of care and set a fix rate with insurance companies; the fix rate should allow for each individual to have access to reasonable insurance. Thus, everyone should have access to healthcare without long waiting period. Pre-existing condition should be banished and the individual’s care should be everyone’s business in this country.If our goal is to remove health disparities, we should let people obtain care for conditions they currently have without a one year waiting period prior to treatment. It is important to involve the population into health decisions so that better resolution can be taken. I believe that everyone has the right for care; I believe that by providing healthcare services to the uninsured, we as a nation will be on the road to eliminating health disparities. Our mission should be to provide quality healthcare to those without access to insurance in a suitable way. Our aim should be to assuage health disparities by providing care to the impoverished and to all.A powerful nation like the United States of America should make healthcare precedence. We have great technology, great doctors but a poor healthcare system. In Europe, healthcare is a right to European’s citizens. the government covers for healthcare services; there are no age requirements, no limitations, no waiting period and no pre-existing condition clause. The insurance premium is taken from each individual’s paycheck on a yearly basis. This lump sum is then applied towards the cost of medical services. Healthcare is not a privilege it is a right. That you are employed or unemployed, you should have the right to insurance coverage.Healthcare should not be a political subject but a constitutional right to all Americans. It is time for the government to look into reforming our healthcare system and to provide insurance to all. Private Insurances should be set for non-citizen and those visiting. Our pursuit as Americans should be better health for all and insurance for all. With the economy going downhill, it is imperative that the population decides on what’s best for Americans but not for the government. If the proposed healthcare plan that President Obama have out is disseminated as it should, we may be on our way to universal healthcare which many don’t want.

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Needless to say that Healthcare reform is critical for the healthiness of Americans. The stress gained from the loss of jobs and lack of adequate finances will bring more illnesses than never before. The fact is, people are worrying about what they will eat or drink; thus, they spend restless nights wondering about the next step and how they will cover their children’s college fees or even pay their mortgage. All these thoughts have a great impact on the overall health of many. Consequently, if no insurance is provided to those who are unemployed, then we can expect to carry the burden of desperate deaths resulting from this highly critical situation our nation is facing.I’m very satisfied with the passing of the healthcare reform bill; the expectations are high and we hope the government will not fail us. In the midst of what had been said with regard to the new bill raising insurance premiums and taxes, you and I should wonder how that will affect each one of us individually. Either way, let’s just cross our fingers and hope for the best shall we?

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