The Family Approach to Weight Loss

November 18, 2016

Our efforts to lose weight should involve the intervention and collaboration of the whole family. Unfortunately there are many weight loss programs out there that are aimed at helping individuals to lose weight without taking account of the family. The family is the most influential and determinant factor in our efforts to lose weight.Going to the gym is just one aspect of the whole process of losing weight. These efforts should be accompanied by the support in the family. Every member of the family should be part of the process. This process may involve the following steps:1. Decision makingIt is vitally important that the decision to lose weight should be a family decision. Members of the family should sit together take this important decision. Because it is a decision taken by the whole family, it is more likely to succeed.

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It is important that the family should set realist goals taking into account the needs of each member of the family. Not everyone may need to lose weight. Not every member of the family may be obese or overweight. All these factors should be taken into account. Even for the members who do not have weight worries, this would still be an opportunity to have exercises together with the family.The most important thing here is that weight loss has now become a family’s resolution. Each member of the family work together as a unit. This will motivate all members to pull in the same direction.There will be challenges along the way, but with the support of each member of the family, the chances of succeeding are much better.2. Actual Physical Steps to be taken.Gym memberships for all family members could be an option. This will be quite expensive and probably unaffordable for some people. For example, it will be very difficult to a family of five or six to get an affordable gym package for the whole year.It is important that the family should adopt very realistic means of achieving their weight loss goals. The best methods will be the programs that will allow the whole family to be involved at the same time. The family does not necessarily need the use of heavy equipment or very large spaces.There are weight loss programs mainly in the form of DVDs that encourage families to do weight loss exercises together in the comfort and privacy of their homes.Such programs will help the family to maintain their weight loss efforts throughout the year regardless of the weather conditions or road traffic situations. In addition to losing weight, this arrangement will certainly create even more opportunities for the family to have fun, bond and share good times together.

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3. Diet ConsiderationsIn addition to health and fitness exercises, it is important that the family should look at their eating habits and make necessary changes. These may involve opting for healthier food options and cutting down the unhealthy food options. The family should also let the children participate in this process.4. CelebrationOnce everything is set and running, the family should have time to celebrate not only the results but also the efforts everyone is putting into the process. This will hugely encourage all members to continue with the program.

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