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November 18, 2016

Do you feel you have met your soul-mate in your boyfriend? Is he your heart’s desire, someone who is your mirror, who shows you everything that is holding you back; a person with whom you feel home, totally comfortable, safe and healed. If you are in a wonderful relationship with a person who brings joy, happiness and bliss to your life, it is a great idea to charm and excite him with a unique, romantic gift. A thoughtful present based on his interest or preference will speak volumes of your feelings of eternal love, faith and undying passion for your better half. Here, I have tried to delineate some of the best ideas and presents that can bring astonishing smile on your boyfriend’s face.A) Replay your love story: How do you first met him? Was it a friend’s party, a college adventure tour or you were together in school? What first attracted you to him? Was it his nature, smile, eyes or thoughts? You can reiterate your love story with your most memorable photographs. Collect all your favourite images and hang it creatively in a wooden photo frame. A customized canvas featuring your precious moments will recreate the happy times.

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B) Do something good for people who matter to him: Plan a surprise get-together of his family members and gift something useful to his grandparents. You can also organize a fancy dinner for his closed pals. These efforts will convey that you respect, appreciate and value him and his relationship with other people around him. If cooking is not your cup of tea, you can choose his favourite restaurant which he always wanted to try.C) Give Romantic Gifts: There is something classic, timeless and elegant about gifts like flowers, message in a bottle. Write a lovely message for him, put it in a unique glass bottle and present it to him. It is one of the best birthday gifts for your boyfriend which he’ll surely treasure.D) Discover the perfect gift based on his interest: You can invest some thought over his interests, likes or hobbies. He may be fond of camping, watching old movies or something as different as stamp collecting, blogging or photography. Besides, every man has a favourite sports star, actor or inspiring figure, if you can find and present him with a rare picture or personalized autograph of his best-loved performer, it will be truly a unique and appreciable gift.E) Present one-of-a-kind personalized gift: A personalized gift designed specifically for him can be an emblem of love that will remind him of all good times you spent together. You can gift him a cute personalized coffee mug, a stylish t-shirt or a statement key chain. If he’s an electronics junky then beautifully customized electronic skin can be a meaningful present to guard his beloved gadgets from damage and scratches. Exquisitely designed water bottle can be a great fit for a fitness conscious person.

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F) Choose a Classic Men’s Gift: Sometimes, it is difficult to decode perfect gift for a man who has everything. A classic silk tie, a smart black shirt, a leather wallet, jackets and popular men’s perfumes are safe bets.In the end, thoughtful gifts do set the stage on fire but spending quality time together is undoubtedly the key to a healthier, richer relationship. Make the magic happen with fresh ideas and select gifts which well communicate your emotions to him.

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